US Federal Courthouse
Buffalo, NY
Municipal + Culture - Interior Planning
265,000 square feet

The design balances internal functional requirements with external influences, such as the impact on the base and surrounding facilities. The final oval shape maximizes building energy efficiency and responds to surrounding municipal buildings. In order to reflect the sacredness and transparency of the US Federal Court, the entire structure is wrapped in a stained glass exterior wall, suspended in front of the prefabricated structure. The arc-shaped public lobby on the court floor faces Niagara Square, and the transparent curtain wall shows the internal activities. Clever use of materials to achieve unprecedented cost-effectiveness for glass buildings of this scale. The glass entrance hall features 4,563 etched text of the US Constitution, creating a courtyard interconnected with the building. The elevator machine room with luminous lights is firmly located in the base and traditional municipal buildings, so that you can enjoy the ground and air city views. The project has LEED Gold Certification. This project received  Citation for Design (AIA New York State 2012), Award for Excellence (APA 2011), Design Award: Architecture, On the Boards New Construction-Citation (GSA 2004)

Credits Interior Design by KPF (prior to Spaceworks)