Casa Magic
Dalaman, TURKEY
Residential - Interior Renovation
2000 square feet

This summer house renovation required a quick turnaround as the client’s family spends much of the holidays at their small mediterranean cottage. Their ask was for unique and whimsical details to reflect their child's fun and enchanted personal style, along with rooms that have a comprehensive sophisticated look to preserve a stylish “adult-like” flair. The major remodeling occurred at the restrooms and kitchen area.  Perhaps we all envision white to be the safest color choice when it comes to a bathroom palette, however, it isn't the only option and certainly not in this very special case.  As a cheerful surprise, we decided on a bright yellow and dark green retro tile combination, and embellished it with a grand scale tropical wall graphic on the opposite side. This nature theme is strengthened by the use of a natural olivewood countertop, and beautiful white sink bowls to brighten up the room. The yellow tile was inspired by the classic rubber duck, and complemented with black & white striped floor tiles to liven up the energy and add vividness to the child’s bathroom. In the kitchen, the existing space was dark and lacked personality.  The overall simple renovation lightened up the space by replacing all existing upper cabinets with beautiful wood open shelving which allows the bold and vibrant elements of Moroccan style to shine through.  The backsplash features locally sourced and hand painted arabesque inspired ceramic tiles in blue hues, while complementing the terra cotta colored walls with traditional lanterns to tie the space together.