Spaceworks is a boutique bicoastal design firm based in San Francisco and Miami with clients globally situated.

We aim to create places where every corner feels effortlessly considered, interiors that provide comfortable and functional details and spaces that provoke emotion and thought, while striving to achieve a sense of community. With an extensive background in workplace design, Spaceworks focuses on commercial, hospitality, and residential projects, delivering high quality value and leading-edge service.

Interior design is a problem solving task through an applied art.  We create a solution for the user that is aesthetically satisfying, yet also functional; a space that works...


Their story began as design colleagues, connecting over their backgrounds, life experiences, tales of their love for NYC, and becoming parents. Their individual cultures helped them become open-minded and ambitious. Yet the blend of their similarities led them to understand first-hand how valuable time is, and how pivotal it is to contribute to something greater than themselves.

Before long they realized their parallel vision for the future looked very promising, and gave them determination to be a part of the social fabric with high confidence in their capabilities…they never felt less limited. Their well-balanced style is nourished by the world around them. Whether minimalistic, historic, or classic, the vision is infinite, and their hard work and dedication does not go unnoticed. The belief that complex problems are best solved collaboratively, is what makes the relationship with each other, their peers, and clients an unparalleled experience.

Spaceworks was born out of great consideration and enthusiasm in 2019, with a mission to create valuable opportunities as their values and beliefs influence the work that they do, and the impact that they hope to achieve. They have been inseparable since, and feel fortunate to have found something they love, and more so to have found each other.


Damla Ikbal

Dedicated, trustworthy, extremely talented, and the most motivated person I’ve ever how I describe Damla. Growing up in Istanbul, later living in Chicago, Milan, New York and now San Francisco, has formed Damla’s perspective into what it is today. Damla’s passion for education, an independent future, and attending some of the top design schools is what brought her to SAIC when she was just a teenager. While completing her interior architecture degree in Chicago, she soon followed with a MFA program in lighting design. She began using her skills right out of Parsons NY at some of the leading architectural design and construction firms, both in the US and Europe over many years. Her diverse experience, her original concepts and thoughtfulness of her palettes are exceptional assets to come by and cherished immensely by the culture of the studio. She co-founded Spaceworks with the motto “our future is built on history, I want to be a part of this amazing journey”. I cannot think of a more compatible took me years to find her.

- FN

If I were asked to compile a mood board to describe Florena, the images would portray honesty, motivation, humbling, and inspiring. Florena made the journey to the US from Bucharest at a very early age with her family. Raised in New York City, her metropolis values have shaped her unique and evolving world-view that defines both her personality and practice. While her journey began in business school, she soon realized her desire to turn her passion for design into her career.
She attended The New York School of Interior Design, while working part time at one of the top global interior design firms. Her practice led her to various sectors with a diverse background in workplace environments, hospitality, higher education and residential clients. Her years of expertise in programming, planning, designing and FF&E sourcing makes her an exceptional member of any team. She co-founded Spaceworks with the motto “nothing is off limits when it comes to great design”. It is a privilege to call her my friend, partner, mentor and colleague.

- DI

Florena Nemteanu